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Im the person you will see staring at a field, going "ohhh "that would make some beautiful images or the person who sees the details sometimes others do not. I will also climb into a lake,scramble up a cliff edge if it means ill get the shot for you. 
I cry alot especially editing such special moments. Seeing you hug your loved ones, the way a child looks up in pure admiration. Watching you radiate such pride when showing me your workplace that you've spent many sleepless nights building. I feel so honoured and I feel your emotions. 
Mummy ..
Mum to Amelie my beautiful muse the reason I decided to take the leap into self employment. 7 years on she is still my driving force. 
History ......
I have always been creative studying a Jewellery degree, teaching art  .My love and passion for photography has been since I was a child.

Everyone always comments on my continuous need to photograph everything. But I love the rainy days where you can sit in your Pyjamas drink coffee and look back on those images that froze time. I especially love looking through others personal photo albums there is something so special about holding a tangible item instead of the world of digital images. 

Key Facts about me ..

  • I love Coffee !!!

  • I take what I do as an absolute privilege and I always leave a shoot feeling  like I have gained new friends. 

  • Inspired by everything and everyone. Love editing listening to music through my headphones.

  • Im a very emotional person, I cry ALOT !! Music, Movies, Adverts, and your images . I have spent many editing sessions crying as I look through the images. 

  • Born in Wales , but grew up in the Midlands. 

  • Teacher  trained. 

 So now you know a bit about my story, let me capture yours .

My aim to capture  photographs that are real, natural, romantic and creative. No forced smiles, no formal line ups, no cheese. Specialising in natural light I want to take images that tell a story of our time together. 

I cant wait to meet you and if you supply Coffee, Well!! I will love you forever . 

Kim   xx

Vogue 3.jpg

Hello !I'm Kim 


I never take for granted how lucky I am to do a job that I can be creative and meet new people.  Why do I do what I do ?

The genuine answer because I care. I want everyone to have images (  that are not on their phone) that froze real moments in their lives so on those hard days, that we all have. You can look at your walls or in your albums and remind yourself why you are so awesome, how gorgeous your children are, how special every moment is.


That is truly why I love what I do. 

So now you know a little about my story.
Let me capture yours.

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